There are many different ships in Light of Nova. Ships are an essential part of your military power, because ships are your fighting force. There are several types of ships, including fighters, frigates, cruisers, battleships, and flagships.
Fleet view

A large fleet including fighters, frigates, cruisers, battleships and a flagship.

each ship has three level's *not including flagship* there are regular, elite,ace.


To use ships they must be put in a fleet. Fleets are basically a large formation of ships. All ships except for flagships can be stacked in a location, as you can only have one flagship per fleet.

List of ShipsEdit

In game: You can check the stats of your ships, *their basic attacks, and armours* when you go to produce them in game. Go to create a fleet, and hover over the ships and see...Edit

You cannot get an actually wiki based stat list as the strengths depend on technology, and your commander, and any other boosts you may have. Therefore you need to know the counter list.

Most units instead of being well rounded, are counters to other specific unit types.